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2018 Project Plans!

Okay so I figured if I set some goals for myself I could probably reach them! The only goal I had in 2017 was to draw everyday and on top of that I was able to complete so many things! From a childrens cook, a canceled comic, 64 Pokemon Redesigns, and tons of fanart!

Now its time to actually apply that seriously towards big projects! So here is my plan for 2018!

By the end of Q1:

- Finish Chapter 1 of Sincerely Elise

- Attempt #MarchofRobots

- World of Nintendo Print

- 32 Pokemon Redesigns

By the end of Q2:

- Finish Chapter 2 of Sincerely Elise

- Finish Pokemon Redesign Project

- #Kaijune

By the end of Q3:

- Finish Chapter 3 of Sincerely Elise

- Finished Pokemon Redesign Book

- Put out a Childrens book (Hopefully?)

By the end of Q4:

- Finish Chapter 4 of Sincerely Elise

- #Inktober

- 2017-2018 Artbook (Hopefully)

Alot of this is shooting for the stars I know, I'll be happy if I can even make half of this but now atleast I wont run out of things to draw this year!

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