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My super secret story development!

So my work has been kinda hitting a plateau, doing these Pokemon Redesigns and just constant fanart has been absolutely fun but lately I feel like it's starting to just become who I am. I want to start pushing myself and my style as hard as I can. I also want to work towards something that can't get me sued if I sell it! Something to call mine. 

That being said, I've started developing a story. I learned so much from Anchors of Impurity and what I wanted from it but it fell short to me mainly because the characters all seemed extremely bland. the entire thing was written by highschool - college me. I had to kill that dream to find this one. I took a lot from that project and now I'm taking it slow. I'm writing it and I'm finishing the story before even approaching a way to tell it. For a minute I named it Stickerton. Which was suppose to be this universe of stickers that you could just interact with, but it's so much more then that now. I'm not sure if it's going to be a comic, a picture book, or something else but it's going to happen. I wanted to share all of the concept art I've done for it. 

2018 is going to be filled with the development of this story. :) 

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