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Sincerely Elise Volume 1 PDF

Sincerely Elise Volume 1 PDF


Sincerely Elise is a fantasy adventure inspired by all of my favorite games and stories I've grown up admiring, from Dragon Ball and Naruto to Lord of the Rings and World of Warcraft.


It’s a 9 chapter, 7.5 x 10, ~240 page book that comes with a soft cover.

The book is entirely written and illustrated by me other then the logo which was designed by the brilliant Billy Garretsen.


Synopsis: A creative, anxious girl named Ava meets a deity named Corvikara who is in search for the rest of his kind. Together, with the help of Hopskotch and a possessed Sentry, Elise, they meet, fight, and team up against many interesting challenges along the way. Journeying across the lands of Alos, a twisted world shaped by the dead bodies of fallen Dyn. Space dinosaurs that played a role in the early stages of the universe. The world is splashed with bustling communities all throughout the lands. Full of life, species, politics, danger and lots of anomalies... Meanwhile the Lead Sentry, Captain Sharpside, is on a bloodthirsty quest to annihilate Corvikara for supposedly destroying his entire race.


World: Billions of years ago there lived the Dyn. Colossal space dinosaurs that would roam through the galaxies doing normal dinosaur things, from fighting and conflict to cohabitation. They have all since been extinct. However, during their time of conflict a family of Dyn came plummeting from space onto a Planet named Alos. All of them dying on impact while creating the three landmasses in which the story takes place. Civilization has evolved immensely since this time as humanity lived on and created a livable eco-system.

PDF delivered as a zipfile!

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